Dawsongroup | vans are helping keep unwanted hands of your van

With keyless entry being widely adopted in the LCV market, new data from Tracker showed 82% of vans were stolen without the keys last year.

The impact of vehicle theft is much more severe for a van company when compared to any recreational vehicle being stolen. Alongside the the inconvenience of being without a vehicle, businesses will then have the added hassle of dealing with insurance companies to sort out a replacement vehicle. Furthermore the financial impact of having a van stolen goes beyond an increase in insurance premiums, but also having to replace any tools that were stolen with the van. Brand reputation can be at risk too as for every hour the vehicle is stolen, it is not on the road serving customers.

If the unfortunate event of your van being stolen occurs we can help you increase your chances of retrieving your vehicle. From as little as £3 a week, Dawsongroup | vans offers customers the option to have their vans fitted with CanTrack Global Ltd’s robust asset tracking solution which will give you the best chance of finding and retrieving your vehicle once it is stolen.