Are you ready for Euro 6?

What is Euro 6?

Euro 6 is the latest evolution of vehicle emissions set by the European Commission, with the objective of reducing nitrogen levels by 55%.
From 1st September this year, all newly registered light commercial vehicles up to the 3,500kg threshold will need to be Euro 6-compliant.
This has applied to cars and lighter vans since last September, but will shortly apply to larger vans. Euro 6 petrol engine emission limits are unchanged from Euro 5. Therefore the biggest impact will be on heavy duty diesel fleets.

What we are doing to help

Dawsongroup | vans is taking a number of steps to help you run Euro 6 vehicles efficiency. These include:

  • Purchasing a large number of Euro 5 products to ensure the cost and risk associated with the change is as limited as possible.
  • Topping up and recharging AdBlue at a fixed price.
  • Stickers and flyers located in all Euro 6 vehicles to remind you to check AdBlue levels.
  • Operating a workshop to talk about the challenges, effects and benefits of AdBlue.


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How it will affect your vehicle?

Vehicles that operate on Euro 6 specification require a reductant called AdBlue. AdBlue is a diesel exhaust gas fluid, which acts as a reductant and ensures the efficient operation of Euro 6 engines.

The biggest change in vehicle management will be ensuring your vehicles are always topped up with AdBlue. Keeping vehicles topped up with the fluid prevents the vehicle from going into limp mode or coming to a complete stop, making monitoring your vehicle’s warning light a top priority.

Monitoring systems for AdBlue will vary in every vehicle. Therefore, it’s imperative you are familiar with the warning gauge and anticipated range per fill across your fleet. Our Euro 6 Guide provides a breakdown of the required AdBlue levels for our five main suppliers.

It’s not all doom and gloom…

Change can be daunting, especially when it indicates increased running costs and potential vehicle downtime. But, if managed correctly, Euro 6 vehicles can help fleet operators improve their service offering by providing a more environmentally responsible fleet.

There are likely to be a number of benefits introduced that will justify the change to Euro 6 vehicles, such as:

  • Tax incentives for vehicles with reduced emission output.
  • Benefits passed on under the Ultra Low Emission Zone schemes, currently operating in London and expected to be rolled out across cities in the UK.
  • Fleet operators that are embracing the latest low emission technology will be favored if the much talked about ‘Van Tax’ is introduced in 2018.

Dawsongroup | vans have created a comprehensive handbook detailing everything you need to know about the introduction of Euro 6 to commercial vehicles.